Thursday, 18 August 2011

free sms

SitetoSms - India's No.1 Free Messaging Service

Site2Sms (a Lohchab Network initiative) endeavors to revolutionize the very concept of sending SMS - from a PAID service to a FREE service. You can now send free SMS messages upto 260 Characters long, within India to all your near and dear.
Can I Get My Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff or My Official Company Mail's On My Mobile For Free?
Yes, you can get all your emails on your mobile through sms for free you have to just Register and Activate Email Alerts Service and set an Auto Email Forwarding to your Site2Sms Mail Id In Your Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff etc.. Email Account's to Get Email Alert's On your mobile through Sms.
Can I Set the Schedule/Future Sms For Later Auto Delivery?
Yes, you can schedule any sms to any mobile number for Auto Delivery to the Handset on Predecided Date and Time it will be delivered to the mobile number automatically on the date and time you specified.

How Site2Sms is different from other Free SMS service providers?
Although there are free web-based or instant messaging SMS providers - some allow free messaging but the message is received in the form of a link and you are charged a premium rate for clicking on the link while some others allow you to send only limited number of free SMS (50-100 messages per user) - BUT, Site2Sms allows YOU to Send Unlimited Sms, to any mobile user within India With over 260 Characters Long Sms, without any riders..